Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 29: I Bless the Rains Down in Africa

Hello my people!

Last night it rained and rained and rained! Which is awesome because it's cooling down the temperatures (by like half a degree), but not so awesome, because it knocked our electricity out. Our house was so pumped because we thought we were going to go an entire week with power AND water, but our hopes were in vain. No power, no water. Life goes on, though. Iri bo. My daughter gave a killer talk in Zone Conference, and I was just a proud mother winking at her from the congregation. 

This week was interesting. I'm sad to hear about the passing of Grandma Benson, but am happy to know that both of my Grandma's are in a better world. I'm guessing Grandma Richards is showing Grandma Benson around up there cause she's a new bee too. 

Sister Park and I are writing a book: "Missionaries vs. Ward Leaders: A Very Extensive Novel You Probably Don't Want to Read". Our wards are cutting down on the number of times we can baptize a month (????????), so we are having to shift around all of our baptisms for the month. Fortunately our two candidates for next week had already come to church enough times, so they both got baptized. DAVID GOT BAPTIZED. It was incredible! Pictures to come.

Anyways. On to the good stuff. We are teaching these two sisters named Tafadzwa and Audrey. Audrey isn't that serious, but Tafadzwa really gets it. She's been praying about the Book of Mormon for a while now, and finally received her answer! She had just read Moroni 7, and prayed after to know the truth. She said while she was praying, she had the strangest feeling overcome her that she had never felt before: complete peace. Then she said she had this urge to keep reading and reading to know more. It was the sweetest experience! She came to church this week and said she felt like she was coming home. We're hoping to really solidify her baptismal date this week!

You know how we baptized those kids last week? During our lesson with them this week, we asked them all how they felt after they received the Holy Ghost. They all went around and were saying things like "I was happy" and "it was nice", but Tanaka (my favorite one, don't tell) said "I truly felt like a son of God". Wow. Powerful, my friend. Powerful. 

HA. I almost forgot. We started teaching this guy named Brother Innocent this week. He is so funny. We were supposed to just do a BRT with him because it was our first appointment, but the spirit told us to just teach all of Restoration, so we did. After we went through the first vision, he said "I am just like Joseph Smith". Okay. This happens a lot, and usually means RED FLAG ABORT ABORT because they'll go on to tell you they've seen visions about starting their own churches and what not. So Sister P and I got a little uneasy, but then he was just like "I'm confused too. I need to know what church to join. All I need to do is pray." BINGO. Straight baptism. We're teaching his wife this week too so everything is zvaka naka. 

Well everything this side is good! Pray that we don't shrivel up in the heat, and don't die from eating too much (we have a dinner appointment scheduled every single night this week). 

Mission is cool, Zimbabwe is hot.

Love, Sister Richards 

my dear companion whom i love and adore

we told some peeps we're cousins. can you see it?

his explains mabvuku I'm just kinda here smiling but don't really know what's going on, sister park has everything together, our baptized peeps are happy, and the ward missionaries are shakara. life is good. 

our ward missionaries and us with david and lawrence enjoying the fruits of our labors

david got baptized! hallelujah! amen!

lawrence! this man is powerful

reunited with my bff sister erickson!!

our district showed up in matching ties. I will stay friends with these ones forever!!

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