Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 32: Sister Eppy

Hi Family! Hi Friends!

So transfers are here and I'm OUTTA HERE. Im still in Harare which is kinda a bummer, but I'll be going to Epworth doing following up training on Sister Namugenyi! She's from Ughanda and is so cute and sweet. I'm really excited to work with her! The ward missionaries now call me "Sister Eppy". What. Anyways it's only like 20 minutes away from my last area so things should be interesting!

Funny stuff first. So I ate these beans this week that expired in 2013 and I didn't know (why we had expired beans in our cupboard I HAVE NO IDEA). Anyways so I totally had this allergic reaction and my lips and my tongues swelled up and since I'm a fairly (incredibly) dramatic person I was throwing a tantrum. Well Sister Wells was like okay chill take this benadryl and I did and I was fine. Well we get to our first lesson and I start feeling funny funny funny. Like wisdom teeth funny. And I cannot stay awake. So we walk out of the lesson and Siser Park is like uh are you okay and I was like NO I AM NOT OKAY. Anyways I was so out of it and so tired for like 2 hours but then my body went back to normal. DON'T TAKE BENDARYL AT 12:00 PM

Next, David. David David David. He always has something funny to say. So we passed by his shoe stand on Tuesday just to say hi, and we asked him how he feels now that he has the gift of the Holy Ghost. He turned to us and he was so serious and said, "Oh my dreams have changed! I see fish. Big fish, small fish, even me as a fish swimming in the water!". Uh. What the. Yeah David I'm not quite sure that's the Holy Ghost. I LOVE  HIM!

So we had two baptisms this weeks which was awesome. Anesu, who is SO POWERFUL, got baptized and it was the best. I'm missing so many baptisms and marriages in Mabvuku which I'm 400000% devastated about but it's okay. It was pretty heart breaking yesterday though, Nyasha said, "right when I need you most, you have to go". MY HEART. But Sister Park will do such a good job here. I have much faith. 

Lastly, my testimony of the role of the Book of Mormon in conversion has grown so much here in Mabvuku. Sister Verity this week told us, "You know, I didn't used to understand this book. But once I prayed about it, my life has changed". The Book of Mormon, combined with the spirit, is our most powerful tool in conversion! I know it's true and I love it!

Well everyone have a great week and pray that my companion and I don't get extremely lost in our area! Love you all!

Love, Sister Richards 

mm sadza and beef stew. so stinking good.

mad squad we bad

Had a giant open house at church this saturday. The one of the left is an RM from ZHM, and the one on the left is our District Leader, Elder Nkhonjera from Malawi. 

went on exchanges with my mother this week!

coke and donuts. powerful. 


Law! He's the stinkin cutest. He was so happy after he got baptized. The smile!

Sister Walbeck and I saying goodbye to our peeps. Goodbye Mabvuku! 

I pretend every pregnant lady is abby (well, not anymore). The belly!

my kiddos! I will miss them

half district selfie

the whole district. so happy.

i will miss them!

Wellington and Nyasha! Their wedding will be soon and then baptism. I was so sad to say goodbye to them

my wardies

more of my kiddos!

my ward missionaries

Sister Jeri. Yo I CRIED saying goodbye to this one.

Sister Peterson has been in the office the whole time I've been here and is leaving tomorrow! We are all so sad. This is after our crying fest. 

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