Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 35: Black in Complexion

Hi Family! Hi Friends!

Eish where to begin with this week. Craziness. We've had rain like nobody's business, we haven't had electricity for four days, we've walked and walked and walked and walked, I pierced my companion's ear, and two of our most promising investigators told us they were prostitutes. So I guess you could say everything is alright haha. Missionary work is so good, though. The work is progressing and we're probably baptizing 7 next weekend! 

The funny for the week. Brother Machama is a recent convert who is really powerful. We went over to his house to ask him if he would come to a lesson at Brother Nobert's house later this week. We were trying to describe Nobert to him and really all I could say was that Nobert is like 10 feet taller than the average person. Well B. Machama just sat there for a minute thinking, and then said, "I saw a very tall man at church who was black in complexion. Do you think that was him?" HAHA. I lost it. Everyone in our ward (and in Zimbabwe) is black in complexion except for the missionaries in the ward. Hahaha it was so stinkin funny. But yes, Brother Machama, I think that was him :)

TENDER MERCY: So Fungai and Kurren, who got baptized a couple weeks back, started the Book of Mormon this past week. We discussed 1 Nephi 1 with them, and in the last verse it talks about tender mercies. So we explained tender mercies, and gave them the challenge to look for tender mercies in their week, and when we came back they would share with us. Well yesterday we went over to their house just for a second to drop off some pictures. It was raining a little bit, but not much. Literally the SECOND we stepped into their house it started to DOWNPOUR. I have NEVER seen rain like that before. NEVER. So we sat down and we're just chatting and one of us said, "wow we are so lucky the rain started right after we walked in. Fungai just looked at us and said, "No, not lucky. That is called a tender mercy." It was so cute! Look for tender mercies, my friends. They are everywhere!

Brother Nobert! I love him. He's getting baptized this next week, and is loving the Book of Mormon. We taught him The Gospel of Jesus Christ this week which is outlined in 2 Nephi 31. After the lesson, Nobert, in all seriousness, just said, "Why is the Bible so big?! All I need to know to get back to God is in this little book!" It was the funniest thing. The Book of Mormon is simple, powerful, and contains everything we need to go back to our Heavenly Father. 

Oh yeah, and about my companion's ear piercing experience. When she was younger she went to get her ears pierced, but only did one of them because it was so painful haha. But thankfully, one of my favorite movies, The Parent Trap, taught me how to pierce ears so she was in good hands, and now the ear is pierced. After many, many screams of terror and about 20 minutes of drama, the ear is pierced. MISSION. 

Love you all! Thank you for all the love and support you all offer to me. AND MOM THANK YOU FOR THE OREOS I ATE THEM FOR BREAKFAST!

Love, Sister Richards


zimbabwean rainbows. 

more rain selfies

the ear was PIERCED. i have a 20 minute video for proof.

me being happy in the rain

me being domestic (sweet and sour chicken. it was killer)

I named him Albert. He was missing a leg.

no electricity, no problem. the work goes on!

found a nice caterpillar. I don't remember what I named him. 

 shortly after these pictures were taken I received a call from some important guy asking if I would be the new face of National Geographic. I kindly declined.

I made Emmanuel sign in three different places that he would stop drinking. It's working!

Zimbabwe in the rain

companion and more blessing.

fungai (tender mercy!) and his sister, charlotte. and more blessing again. 

 more of zimbabwe

also we have to burn our garbage because we don't have a garbage man. here's a nice picture.

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