Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 38: Are You Not Flattering?

Hi Family and Friends!

Craziness happening here in Zimbabwe! Transfers were this week and I'm staying here in Epworth, but we're taking over the other sister's area! THAT'S THREE AREAS! One companionship!! What the!! I'm getting a new companion, her name is Sister Talemwa. She's from uganda and I've heard really good things about her!

Since we have so much area to cover, we have about 25 people on date for baptism. TWENTY FIVE. We are going to be working like CRAZY these next few weeks and it's going to be amazing. I seriously cannot wait. Plus we get the car back to HOLLA. 

We found some really amazing people this week. One of them being Brother Gandiwa. We contacted him a couple weeks ago, did a BRT with him last week, and were able to teach the Restoration this week. It was amazing! He asked a question of why God only calls one prophet at a time, and my answer made him fall off his chair laughing. It was hysterical. "Brother Gandiwa, what would've happened if there was 50 Noahs at one time? Noah #1 would be like hey get on my ark and Noah #48 would be like no get on my ark, and then everyone would've been confused". Well this is not the first time I've used this example, but people don't usually laugh THAT hard. HE DIED LAUGHING. Which means the rest of us died laughing. It was so funny, but he got the point. At the end of the first vision, we asked him how he felt knowing about Joseph Smith. He said, "It sounds familiar to me. Something about this is ringing true." I can't wait to go back this week to meet his family and hear about his experience praying about the Book of Mormon!

Obviously Nobert is still the best human ever. He read in the Book of Mormon about the beattitudes this week, and had a question about meekness. We turned to the Index so he could find other words that were similar (gentle, humble, etc.) I said, "Nobert, I would say you're a meek person. You are very kind and gentle" to which he said, very seriously, "Sister Richards, are you not flattering?" HAHA WHAT! Me flattering at 67 year old man, please. Hahaha he's the best. 

 My study this week was focused on the Savior. I've been studying a lot in the New Testament and Jesus the Christ to understand the magnitude of His birth. I came across something that I absolutely love. I noticed that each time the angel appeared to someone, be it Zacharias, Mary, the shepherds, anyone, their first words were "Fear not", or in other words "have faith". Obviously this was a pretty out of world experience for all of them, and the first words were so personal and so comforting: Fear Not. I would like to think that when meeting the Savior or our Heavenly Father, or maybe a messenger of them, those would be the first words we would hear as well. They would invite us to lay our fears aside and to have faith!

Well, I cannot wait for this transfer to begin! Being in a two man house will be a weird change, but I'm so excited for the work that's in front of us. 

Zimbabwe is hot, mission is cool.

Love, Sister Richards 

We had Thanksgiving this week. It was awesome.

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