Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 64: Hanzi Andipo!

Hi Family and Friends!

Another CRAZY busy week here in Zimbabwe! We had a great time in Harare for MLC. I love learning from President Mkhabela and our other missionaries! The hours on the bus were stinkin long, but I destroyed some Elders in Phase 10 so  all is well, all is well. We have Zone Conference in Gweru this week where my companion and I will be training on the Area Book. Serious fire is going to be administered, so missionaries better watch out!

We had twenty investigators at church AGAIN! What the! We worked crazy hard again this week and are seeing great results. I LOVE the people of Mbizo. Their hearts have truly been prepared to receive the gospel with joy, and we saw that a ton this week

"Hanzi Andipo": The funny for the week is geared for all parents with three to four year-old children. We went to see a new investigator, Achi, who we met a couple weeksback, but she had heard that we were satanists so was a bit apprehensive about having us over. When we went to see her this week, we knocked at her gate a couple times, and no one answered. Then we did our regular "President Mkhabela, this one's for you" and knocked one more time (I don't think he knows we do that). Well, Achi's daughter, who is probably three or four, walked outside, came to the gate, and said, "Hanzi Andipo" which means "she said she's not around" instead of saying "andipo" which is "she's not around". We lost it! Parents around the world, be careful when you ask your kids to lie for you, because there's like a 100% chance they'll blow it.

MIRACLE: We met Tafadzwa in February at a members house.  He was instantly drawn to the gospel and came to church. We began teaching him, he accepted a baptismal date, and everything seemed great until his parents decided he should not be baptized. The family had their own church, and they didn't want Tafadzwa veering away from that. We've prayed and fasted for Tafadzwa, but have just felt stuck on how to help him. He tried talking to his parents, but nothing seemed to be helping. Then out of the blue, we got a phone call from the member whose home we met him at, and said that he had gone to talk with Tafadzwa's parents and they had agreed for him to be baptized! My heart just jumped with happiness and I was so surprised! I am so grateful for members who share their testimonies with their friends and neighbors and who have blessed us in our missionary service. This weekend, Tafadzwa was finally baptized. I believe in miracles! 

We had another great experience with an investigator named Christopher. Christopher found the church on his own, and we've just started to teach him and his family! As we told him about the need for legal marriage before his baptism, I was honestly expecting to hear the usual of "oh lobola (the bride price) has not been paid in full so we can't be married." To my surprise, this is what he said: "I'm so grateful to be apart of a church that puts the commandments right in front of me and prepares me to live with my family forever." WHAT! I was in shock! We're now working with the marriage officer to get their legal marriage underway, and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has prepared the hearts of his children to receive the gospel and all the commandments that come along with it! 

I have a testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He lived, He died, and He lives again to sustain us and to stay by our side. He can give us strength in times of difficulty and rejoices with us in time of happiness. I am proud to be a representative of my friend, Jesus Christ.

Have a great week, my friends! 

Love, Sister Richards 

at church with my dearest companion, sister ziqubu

with how many african companions I've had, I am now experiencesd in cutting off weaves! Welcome to our Saturday night! 

dinner appointment food!

an investigator gave us JIGGIES. the best.

USHER WAS BAPTIZED. So my comp and I went to the church early to fill the font ,but then forgot about the water being on. So by the time the baptism started, the font was COMPLETELY full, and it reached to Usher's shoulders! It was so funny. He barely had to be tipped back to be fully immersed haha. 


with investigator Munashe! He gives the best prayers in the world!! 

comp pic

isgxhagxhagxha (super clickly, still trying to get this one down) which is zulu for "something nonsense". they use that word when you just throw a bunch of food in a pan and call it good. that's essentially what this beef stew was, but it was really good!

Christopher and his wife!! I love them so much!! 

God is a God of miracles, Frosted Flakes are in Kwekwe!

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