Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 68: Transfer News...HOME?!

Hellloooo zimbabwe!

That's right, you read it. I'm going home! Not to America, to CHITUNGWIZA! I'm whitewashing my very first area! Can you even believe it?! I thought for sure I would stay in Mbizo for my last transfer, but transfer news totally knocked the daylights out of me. I'll be whitewashing the other half of Chitown that we never touched, and I'll be training a new Sister Training Leader, Sister Dyantisi! It was super stinkin hard to say goodbye to Kwekwe after 6 months (!!!) but I'm excited for A WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER!! 9 looooong months of hand washing is finally paying off!

This week was good, though! We had a lot of people at church, and met some really promising people this week. Mbizo is seriously just a pot of gold so the missionaries here will really enjoy. Everyone in the world decided to feed us so we only cooked once the whole week, which was actually a huge blessing because we didn't have electricity like the whole week long.  But we had keys to the old sister's house in Section 15 so we just moved there. So sick. 

KINDA RUDE: So usually while I take other sisters on exchanges, I always tell our investigators that my real companion has gone home and they freak out and complain that she didn't say goodbye what what what but then when my real companion shows up the next time they're so surprised and it's really hysterical. I hadn't done it in a really long time so I tried it this week on Takudzwa, the one who says everyone is kinda rude. So when sister Ziqubu showed up with me later in the week he almost had a heart attack! He was so happy! Then the whole entire lesson he would just look at me and say, "you know, you're kinda rude sister richards." Mbizo will miss me. I know it. 

DREAMS: Yes, we're back at it with the dreams again. We've been teaching an amazing couple named the Zulus. Sister Zulu told us this week about a dream she had. She was sitting in a beautiful garden with Brother Zulu. In front of them was a tree with so many madora (caterpillars that you fry and eat with sadza) and they were picking the madora off the tree and putting them in the bucket. They were so happy. So here we are listening, waiting for like an angel to appear or something but she's just said, "and that's how I know the church is true." Hm. Interesting. God works in mysterious ways! If that's how she knows the church is true, I will not argue with that! 

We had a really sweet experience this week. As we were teaching Takudzwa with the kinda rude saga, his Mom came in and started to cry. She sat across from us and told us that ever since we have been teaching Takudzwa, everything has changed. He's kind, he's respectful, he's more willing to help,and he's stopped drinking (still a work in progress). She got on her knees and just thanked us. It was a testimony to me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a way of life. It changes more than just how we view God and His son, but when we truly repent, it becomes a part of us. I think that is a sign of Takudzwa's true conversion. I am grateful for gospel in my life, and hope to be able to become more converted every single day so the gospel can become a part of me.

I truly am grateful for the guidance of the spirit as a missionary. This week as I read the Book of Mormon, I was very touched by the word remember. Before Nephi chops off the head of King Laban, the Spirit continually brigs things to his remembrance which helps him to have the strength to do as the Lord had commanded him. Alma was delivered from the pains of hell because he remembered the words of his father. Over and over again the Lord exhorts us to remember. If we can remember the times we have been visited by the spirit and the Lord's love for us has been made manifest, we will have the strength to do the right thing and not to murmur or complain. Oh remember, remember!


Love, Sister Richards 

the Zulus need to be married before they're baptized, but brother Zulu doesn't have a national ID. he washes our car every week so we can help him raise money to get his ID!

saying goodbyes to my dutchmans

sister ziqubu and Charlton, our ward missionary!

everyone in the world fed us this week. I'm not complaining...

more dinner appointment food. so stinkin good.

selfie nation saying goodbye. so sweet but so happy. pretty is getting baptized so soon!

hilda, a recent convert

shawn taurai who also worked with us on sundays

brother khumalo!! we caught him right before he was headed out for the night shift at work. he bore the sweetest testimony at church that day. I'm so proud of him!

saying goodbye at the Ngirande's!! I cried saying goodbye to these ones.

my Zimbabwean family!!

with my dearest companion. I will miss this one soo much!!

exchanges with sister Thomas!! this sister we contacted asked for a picture with us but I told her only if she came to church. she didn't come to church.

my new companion!! can you tell how happy this transfer will be??

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