Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 14: Ndeipi Mabvuku!

Family and Friends!

A great week in Chitungwiza, but sadly, my last. I leave today for Mabvuku, which is about an hour out of Harare town. Chitungwiza was the same distance away, just on the other side. I'm suuuuper sad to be leaving Chi Town, but half of it was closed, so it's okay. My new companion is Sister Ngwenya from South Africa, and I'm way excited! I've had two Zulu companion's in a row now, and since it's a clicking language, I'm getting pretty good! In the house I'll be with Sister Kapinga who was in the Chi House with us, and Sister Walbeck from my MTC group and I'm PUMPED! It should be awesome.

We're right smack in the middle of winter right now, which means high 70's during the day, so it feels so nice! We had some really nice lessons this week, although it lasted about 75 thousand years. I told you about the gogo and baba that we're teaching, and they're the cutest ever! So gogo says she's having a hard time being able to remember what she reads after she's read her Bible and she asked us what to do. So we told her to always start with a prayer, and ask Heavenly Father if he'll help you remember what she read. So we came back after a couple days, and she was SO excited to tell us everything that happened. She had read the introduction and Joseph Smith's testimony at the front of the Book of Mormon, and told us in detail about everything! It was incredible! She remembered everyyytthing from Joseph Smith's testimony, and let me tell you, even I get confused because Moroni comes so many times! But it was so incredible and she's the best. 

We started teaching Brother Lovemore the week I got here, and he's so funny haha. He speaks fluent English which is nice, and is thoroughly convinced he's the single greatest person in the world. Anyways, we dropped him awhile back because he wasn't keeping commitments, but we saw him on the streets a couple weeks ago and I told him I'd fall dead if I ever saw him at church. Well, the next week he showed up and we laughed cause I'm definitely still alive. Anyways, he accepted a baptismal date this week! I'm sad I won't be here for his baptism, but he will be such a great contribution to our ward. 

I got a camera this week and have been taking pictures like crazy so brace yourselves haha. I'm so happy and I lock it up every single night cause I don't want this one stolen too! Pretty much I'm just pumped for Mabvuku and to see a new area and everything. 

"Many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land (CHI TOWN), for which we will praise his name forever"

Love you all!

Love, Sister Richards 

#1: Sister Jili and me!

#2: First pic with my new camera YEEYUH

#3: Sister Kapinga!

#4: Sister Ziqubu, we were in the MTC together. I love this girl!

#5: Last day with our beloved car, Snow White. Real life tears.

#6: Sister Jili and Elder Tsongora, my DL is Chitown.

#7: my favorite gogos in our ward! I will miss them soo much.

#8: cute little patricia

#9: Ruth! Her family had us over to dinner every Saturday. She calls me her "doll"

#10: Chi Town District (minus Sister Stegs and Kapinga) with the Bishop and his wife. 

#11: Mmmm my favorite food here. Chicken stew, rice, and lots of coleslaw. My house jokes that I would never accept drugs, only chicken stew and rice. WOW I LOVE IT. 

#12: Steers, a burger place in Harare town. Kapinga's obsessed with it, but it does not even compare to american burgers. Sorry, Steers.

#13: We went to the rural areas for soccer on Saturday. Week 6 we always have an activity the day of transfers. It was called Domboshava, and it was the bush! We almost died getting there! But it's okay it was super pretty.

#14: Last sunday in the tent for church. I was so sad. 

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