Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 20: Call Me Maybe?

Family! Friends! Everyone I Like!

Well the subject line doesn't really have to do with anything important but the funniest thing happened to Sister Walbeck and I this morning. The APs came and took our companions to their new areas, so we were left to take kombis to town to email. The kombi driver put in his phone and started playing Call Me Maybe! He didn't play it once, or twice, but THREE TIMES. You better believe Sister Walbeck and I jammed out harrrddd core. Then the guy next to us turns to us and says, "I thought you guys weren't allowed to listen to this kind of stuff..". Shoot. He's a member. SO we calmed ourselves down and and remembered that a lot of people are watching us and we probably shouldn't jam to our favorite song in the ninth grade. Lesson learned.

This week was great! We went on exchanges to Chitungwiza and I got to be with Sister Jili and it was the best thing ever! I got to see some of my recent converts, and then give Brother Lovemore fire for not showing up to his baptism. He's the one who thought that when Mormon compiled all the plates he wrote the footnotes to the Bible on there too. Hahaha he's my favorite human.

We were able to baptize three people this weekend, so it was awesome! Each of them bore powerful testimonies, and it's just so humbling to think you helped them gain that testimony! God is good.

AND transfers happen today! I'M TRAINING! What the heck! My daughter flies in tomorrow from the MTC and I'm so excited to meet her. Her name is Sister Park and she is from the states. Best part is, Sister Walbeck is training too and we're staying in the same house! It's seriously going to be the best thing ever. So we'll be here in Harare town for the next couple days doing horrible training meetings and what what but I'm just so so excited. Sad to say goodbye to Sister Ngwenya, but excited to see what the future holds.

A sekuru (grandpa) spoke in church this week and said something that totally hit me about work. "Doing nothing is the hardest work there is because you can never stop to rest". So true. Time is one of the most precious resources God has given us, and so we need to use it to work hard! There's no better feeling in the world than coming home from a long day in the area and just collapsing because you're so stinkin tired. Workin hard or hardly workin?

Everyone have a great week! Oh yeah I forgot to say that I ate chicken brain this week. Totally gross but I buried it in my sadza and soup so I couldn't taste it. 10/10 wouldn't recommend it.

Love, Sister Richards 

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