Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 48: "Breathe Life Into Her"

Sup fam
This week was crazy but good! We had a nice time at MLC in Harare for a couple days but I was soo happy to come back to Kwekwe...until we got in a car accident. After a long couple days at hospitals everyone is okay and doing well! I wasn't hurt at all so I was the designated talk to the doctor person. Unfortunately I didn't watch enough of those doctor shows at home to know what in the world was going on but everything turned out fine haha. We had 12 investigators at church and even had a baptism this weekend! Good things happening here in Mbizo. 
First off, on our way to Kwekwe for the first time, our Zone Leaders told us Kwekwe is the hottest place on the earth. Well in my mind I was like okay please stop being dramatic I've been in Zimbabwe for like a year now but NO! KWEKWE IS THE HOTTEST PLACE ON THIS EARTH. OH MY GOOD HEAVENS. I'm turning brown. Well like half of me in sunburnt and the other half is brown. Thanks, Kwekwe. 

PRANK: Soooo Isheanesu is like the biggest joker/liar investigator I've ever met. During our first lesson he told us he was a satanist. NO. Also he told us his name was Nigel when we fist met him. How do you go from Isheanesu to Nigel? But this week we gave him a taste of his own medicine. He heard about the accident and so we told him my companion was unconscious in Harare. So he showed up to his lesson at the church with his best friend Charlton, and Sister Mpiyakhe was hiding behind the pulpit. I made up this big sob story that my companion hasn't woken up in a couple days and now I'm just a missionary alone looking for a new companion (he doesn't know how missions really work yet). Pulled out the fake tears and they totally bought it. Well Ishe is like the most difficult person to get to pray but through my tears I asked him to say the opening prayers and obviously he did because he felt bad for me. Wow that guy PRAYED. He asked God to breathe life back into Sister Mpiyakhe. Also said that he cannot let this team break up. He went on and on and on and he thought I was shaking because I was crying but I was actually laughing. He said Amen and then I said Amen and then Sister Mpiyakhe said Amen from the pulpit and they turned around and their jaws dropped and then they stormed out of the chapel. IT WAS SO FUNNY. We got them back so bad. Then we had a nice lesson on the Plan of Salvation and everything is good. 

This week Ishmael came to church! What! I seriously thought this day might never come. We've kind of tip toed around him at times because he's a muslim, but this week I just felt really impressed to make it a BIG deal that he needs to come to church. And then he did! AND THEN in the investigators class, they asked him to give the closing prayer. Oh no. I just looked at my companion and we are like what is going to happen because like half of the time he prays in arabic in our lessons. Well we had just had a lesson about prayer and how we need to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Well he got up and started praying in shona and I"m like okay this is good and then at the very end he paused for a second and then quietly said in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Ishmael! Wow. I was so happy. It's so true what Elder Ellis said in our Zone Conference that every investigator progresses at their own rate. With some investigators. you can extend baptism in the first lesson, and for those like Ishmael, it can take them even weeks to pray, but he is still progressing so well. I can't wait to hear about his experience at church!
We're teaching a really sweet lady named Eurita right now. We taught her the Restoration yesterday and it was so powerful! We taught her how to pray at the end and he gave us the closing prayer. After, she was just BEAMING. We asked her how she was feeling and with the most giant smile on her face she just said, "I am just so happy. I feel so happy". That's what the gospel of Jesus Christ will do to ya! Her baptism is coming up in a couple weeks and we are so excited!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! So much love coming from all over the world. I love each of you so much and wish you the best and happiest week!
Love, Sister Richards

Zone Conference with Sister Bondo from Malawi

Reunited with Sister Selcho in Harare! The happiest reunion.

So Elder Jeri is on vista wait here on his way to South Africa! He used to work with us as our member present back when I was in Mabvuku!! 

elder jeri and my companion

sister mpiyakhe and me after MLC! gooooddbye harare

 after the accident my companion was way sick. so i brought her these banana pancakes in bed. 

Alice's baptism this week! She's 13 and has been coming to church for about 3 months. This girl loves and reads the Book of Mormon likes it's nobody's business! She is so converted. The happiest day!

the tanline coming along nice nice

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