Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 62: Kwekwe Round FOUR

Helloooooooo family

That's right, my friends. I'm staying in Kwekwe for another transfer! I'm totally pumped about staying in the promised land, but saying goodbye to Sister Mpiyakhe was SO HARD. Oh maiwhe. You would've thought someone died in our house. It's been tears nonstop since saturday afternoon. Sister Mpiyakhe was the South African sister I never had, and I will miss her more than anything. We were lucky to serve together for as long as we did (5 months!), but now I'll be training a new Sister Training Leader, Sister Ziqubu! My fourth South African companion! She was in my MTC group AND HAS A CLICK IN HER NAME. So this transfer will be awesome! 

President loves to do this thing where he puts me in an area with 4 missionaries, and then takes 3 of them out, gives me a new companion, and tells me to take over both areas. WHAT. So we're white-washing half of Mbizo, so pray that we don't get lost and can find all of the sister's investigators! White-washing round THREE. 

This week we spent most of our time in Harare doing exchanges with two companionships there and had a great time! I worked with Sister Anyano from Uganda and Sister Plothow from Orem. We saw many tender mercies and miracles in the area and overall had a great time.

EDWIN: Edwin got baptized this week! We've been teaching him since I got to Kwekwe, so like forever really. We actually contacted his Dad on the street who invited us back for a lesson, but then Edwin ended up being the one who was the most interested. The Lord works in mysterious ways! I was teaching the investigators class on Sunday and asked for a couple volunteers to share their experiences on how baptism has blessed their lives. Edwin raised his hand and share that before he met the missionaries he had been planning to take his life, but after he learned about the Book of Mormon, all of those thoughts have completely vanished. When he entered the waters of baptism, he could feel that his sad self was left behind and he had started a new, happier life in Jesus Christ. We had no idea he had ever felt that way, but it was so sweet to be able to hear his testimony. 

MUNASHE: Munashe is 13 and was a referral from 12 year-old Tinashe who recently got baptized. Tinashe invited him to church after Munashe asked him for a Book of Mormon. We taught him the Restoration this week and emphazied the happiness that comes from the gospel, and also the importance of praying to know the truth. After the close of the lesson his prayer went like this: 
"Dear Heavenly Father, I am so happy to have two new friends, Sister Richards and Sister Mpiyakhe. I am so happy that they have taught me about the true church. I know this church is true and I want to come to church every Sunday. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." IT WAS THE SWEETEST THING. The faith this little boy had just made me cry. Stay tuned for his baptism.

I have a testimony of WORK. President Hinckley said the best antidote for worry is work, and it is so true! Being in the work of our Savior, whether you're a missionary or not, is the best way to push worry or sadness or anything terrible out of your life. work work work. There is no substitute.

Well, my friends. Ten transfers down, two to go. See you in 12 weeks!

Love, Sister Richards 

on the bus back to kwekwe from exchanges in harare

love my kwekwe

exchanges in highfields with Sister Plothow!

with member Tendakai, meaning "faithful"

helping Tsugirirai (meaning perserverance") with her dishes 

let's play a fun game: dirt or tan line?

highfields, harare

so in highfields there are neighborhoods called Egpyt, Jerusalem, Canaan, so on so on so on. 

When Jesus the Christ is just too deep, this is what happens. This is a nightly occurrence with Sister Mpiyakhe haha 

exchanges with Sister Anyango

last photo with our district with our zhing self timer complete with our car keys

Baptism of Brother Edwin (left)

had to say goodbye to ALL my kwekwe sisters!! they're all leaving me!! so tragic. 

 betcha didn't know i'm a professional banana chocolate chip pancake maker.

learning the art of the tafadzwa pose

last night at the ngirandes playing phase 10 after dinner.


we gave on of our ward missionaries a planner for when he works with us. we found this on the last page!

Sister Mpiyakhe wrote me reminder to-do lists on my wardrobe of all the things she reminded me to do every day. haha we may have been transferred, but have we actually been transferred?

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