Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 61: Invitation to babble in tongues?

Hi Family!

SO stinkin good to talk to everyone yesterday. Seriously it was the best few hours! I can't believe that's the last time I see your faces before I'm HOME! What?! And the best part was it was all in celebration of my cute MOM! I love you Mother Mary!!

This week was good! It was really long and really busy, but it turned out really good. It all started Tuesday morning at District Meeting when our District Leader, Elder Till, gave some fire. "You're doing great, but the Lord expects more. I can sense we're not giving it 100%" It was a great time for self reflection and we each found ways that we could improve in our missionary work! I was so grateful for his fire and for pushing us to do more. 

Exchanges this week were great! We trained three sisters from Gweru and had a great time. We've really been struggling finding people to teach, so we decided to act on the words of Elder Scott. He said something along the lines of "if you want to reach new height you've never reached before, you need to try something new". So during exchanges, we tried table contacting! We got a table from the church, set it up in the middle of the shops, and people FLOODED to us. We found so many new investigators, and our sacrament meeting attendance improved by SEVEN. Trying new things can be scary, but they work! Aaaand then we were late getting the sisters to the bus stop to Gweru, so we had to drive them haha. But we saw their big brand new house so it was worth it. 

Babbling in Tongues: You remember when Isheanesu was about to be baptized and his Mom decided to kick him out? Well our prayers have been answered and her heart has been extremely softened towards us and the church. This weekshe invited us over to bake with her!! So we went and she taught us how to make scones and it was a great time. Our answers to prayers can take time, but according to His will, God will always answer them. Then the funny part came at the end. As we were sitting enjoying our scones, she gave us fire that we don't speak in tongues enough at our church, and then proceeded to invite us over so that "we can all babble in tongues together and we won't know what we're each saying". Sooooo yeah praying for a way to get out of this one. 

MIRACLE: The miracle this week was with our 9 year-old investigator, Usher. When we met him, he was on holiday staying at his Grandpa's house next to one of our members. Well, schools opened this week, and Usher went back to live with his parents, meaning we would no longer be able to teach him. We were sad, but prayed that Heavenly Father would provide a way we could still teach Usher. Well we were walking in section 10 when I hear this small voice scream "SEESTAH LEECHAHDS!!" To our surprise, it was Usher! Our Elders Quorum President, who is a friend to Usher's Grandpa, spoke with him about Usher's lessons. This led the Grandpa to speak with Usher's parents and told them that Usher needed to live with him until his lessons with us were finished and he was baptized. What a miracle! Teaching him the Plan of Salavation was hands down the funniest thing EVER, but I can't wait to see him enter with waters of baptism! 

This week I gained a stronger testimony of the power of simply doing the right thing. When we are in the right place at the right time, Heavenly Father blesses us, even with miracles. We found so many new investigators this week from just simply being in the field. They were just placed in our path! "If there be no righteousness, there be no happiness" If there is no obedience, work, and effort, there be no happiness! Heavenly Father will ALWAYS bless us for doing the right thing. 

I love you all! Thank you for your continual prayers and support. Have a great week!

Love, Sister Richards 

my companion put her xrays on the door to our room and put heart, might, mind, and strength in the appropriate places hahaha. 

 we had the gweru sisters here for exchanges so invited the other kwekwe sisters over and had TACOS

table contacting!

table contacting!

new mission house (MANSION) in gweru. 

wrap around balcony??

are we on mission or on vacation?? gweru are you calling my name??

so every exchange I go on with sister burt, one of us gets FRIED. this time it was her. 

I hope one day we serve together! she's the best!!

sooo yeah. we did a service project this week where we washed all of a family's laundry. they have a lot of kids. my hands can testify. 

with investigator sister rose. she is so stinkin funny! 

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