Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 60: laugh your lungs out

hey fam and friends and everyone I love

This week was good! I found CHOCOLATE CHIPS in the funniest hole in the wall shop today!! I won't tell you how much money I spent on them, but I will tell you next week how stinkin good the cookies will be that we'll make tonight! We had an amazing Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday - the mission is doing so well! As of the 30 of April, we had 794 baptisms, which means we're well on our way to our goal of 2,000! Our missionaries are working so hard and it's the best sight to see EVER. 

Procrastination: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT procrastinate the day of your (repentance) HAIR WASHING, CLOTHES WASHING, AND DISH WASHING. Because then Kwekwe will decide to shut off the water and you won't be able to eat or wear clothes or do your hair. Just a warning. 

Laugh out your lungs: Brother David, who is still interested in being addicted to church, made me almost cry laughing this week. When I was on exchanges last week, I left him The Law of Chastity to read. When Sister Mpiyakhe and I came back, she asked Brother David what I had left him to read. He starts laughing his head off. He points at me and said, "Ahh Seestah Leechahds!! Why would you leave me this book?! I didn't know the church could provide such books!! When I read it, I laughed my lungs out. I laughed my lungs out!!!!!" He said he laughed his lungs out probably like 15 times that lesson. He ended up committing the living the law of laughing your lungs out, so all is well.

Kudakwashe: This week we were able to teach Kudakwashe about the Book of Mormon. He's been reading it on his own and is doing really well. At the end of the lesson, Sister Mpiyakhe and I testified of the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon. After we finished he said, "I too want to testify that the Book of Mormon is true. It has brought me hope when I thought it could not be found." It was a very sweet moment. The Book of Mormon is filled with hope, and I have found hope in it's word. In a increasingly more challenging world, we can find hope through that book. 

Usher: Usher is the cutest little 9 year-old in the world. He's been coming to primary with a boy named Ezra, and we started to teach him this week. We taught him a the child version of the Restoration (the best version), and we came back yesterday to find that Usher had memorized Moroni 10:4-5! It was the cutest thing EVER. By the power of the Holy Ghost we truly can know the truth of all things!

I love missionary work, I love Zimbabwe, and I LOVE THE FACT THAT THIS WEEK IS MOTHER'S DAY!! WOOHOOO!! 

Love, Sister Richards

 on the bus home from MLC in Harare

say SADZA!!! 

beef stew, vegetables, and sadza at the kofis (our favorite members)

love this family to bits!! 

We're teaching a little boy named Usher. His best friend Ezra is helping him read about the Book of Mormon. 

did some service at a less-actives house. we took all the maize off the cobs!! i love doing this. AND the family came to church on sunday!! score!! 

our favorite little girl, joyce!

fried fish and sadza. SO GOOD.

we made a cake for the elder in our district who's going home, but completed it with our extra nametags haha 

we cooked this week. it was a miracle 

so we tried this whole healthy eating what what, but at the end of the day, cake overcame the salad. 

after we took this picture, this 82 year old man exclaimed that I am his "partner" and then tried to hug me. got out of that house reallllll quick. 

Ezra, Usher, Sister Mpiyakhe, and The Book of Mormon!

even Usher is catching on to the open mouth smile! YEBO! 

KFC run with the other sister training leaders in harare before MLC! Love these girls so stinkin much. 

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