Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 59: baptisms and flat tires and happiness

sup fam

It was a great week! We saw some really big miracles in the area. I have a testimony of fasting!! Fasting truly brings miracles. It was THE most insane week - interviews with President Mkhabela (love that man), zone conference in Gweru, exchanges in Kwekwe, and now we're in Harare for MLC! BUT we made it here alive and in one piece. Yes we are yawning and yawning and yawning but we are here alive. Also got a flat tire this week. But the people of Zimbabwe are kind and changed it for us!!

I presented in Zone Conference this week along with the Assistants and President Mkhabela. I was able to present on Lesson Planning and really had the best time preparing it! I trained on being able to adapt every lesson to the needs of each investigator. Everyone took it really well and there was great participating from all the missionaries.It went so well that President has asked me to give a copy to every missionary! FASTING WORKS, MY FRIENDS.  

Funny: The funny for the week. Oh maiwhe. So there's the church called Madzi Babas and they wear these white robes and sing and prophesy under the trees everyday. We have this one madzi baba prophet friend in section 10 that we talk to like every day. I saw him through his gate on Friday, but could only see his face. I smiled big and waved and waved and waved and he wasn't waving back. I turned to my companion and said, "wow what has gotten into our madzi baba prophet friend he won't even wave back today". Well, as we got closer, we came to see that his whole congregation was there and he was laying hands on someone casting out a devil. Moral of the story? If someone doesn't wave back, they might just be busy casting out a devil. 

DAVID: Brother David, who wants to be addicted to church, accepted a baptismal date this week! I almost cried! He's been beating around the bush for WHO KNOWS how long. At the end of the lesson I just silently prayed to Heavenly Father to help me to know how to help Brother David to accept a baptismal date. I said, "Brother David, do you believe what we're teaching you is true?" He said, "Yes, I do believe, and I'm even coming to know" to which I said, "So because you know this is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" AND HE SAID YES!! I honestly just think he needed to hear himself say he knows this is true!! I was so happy. We need to help him get legally married before he's baptized, but June 3 couldn't come soon enough!! 

We had 3 baptisms this week. Brandon, Tatenda, and Elsje this week. Elsje bored the sweetest testimony afterwards. She is so painfully shy, so we thought she might be nervous to bear her testimony.  She said, "I am so, so happy right now. It's been a long journey for me to come to know that Heavenly Father knows me, but today I am happy to say that I know." It was so sweet. I am so grateful for the gospel for helping us to know that God truly loves us! 

God loves us. He wants us to be happy. He watches over us. If we turn to Him and His son, we will find happiness. 

Love you all!!

Love, Sister Richards 

the tafadza pose! baptism coming soon

companionship in a nutshell

still got my selfie skills dont worry

member takunda 

Brandon, Tatenda, and Elsje's baptism!

Brandon, Tatenda, and Elsje's baptism!

Brandon, Tatenda, and Elsje's baptism!

Brandon, Tatenda, and Elsje's baptism!

sister companion

exchanges with former companion sister talemwa! they were so fun!!

sister bandi form Uganda 

at zone conference in gweru with exchange sisters! 

i was super nervous for my presentation but woke up and my companion and put this on my desk!! the cutest! 

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