Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 58: "Have You Been Drinking?"

Hi Fam!

Interesting week, but all is well! We just ran a sick house this week because we were both sick all the time! Who knows what was going on. But our people were still seen and we are still alive! We fasted yesterday because we need to extra help in the area, and broke our fast by eating a whole pan of brownies. Oops. 

On one of my sick days, I must've been looking no too awesome cause in the MIDDLE of the lesson, Tafadzwa stops and says, "Sister Richards, have you been drinking?" UH NO. I HAVE NOT. Hahaha there's a first time for everything, even the questions you get asked!

Other interesting things our investigators said this week:
Brother Khumalo: "I'm sorry, sisters, but the law of chastity just really puts me in a tight corner."
Brother David: "I want to be addicted to church." 
Brother Phiri (over the pulpit): "Feed the missionaries! Not because they're hungry, missionaries are never hungry. They're always full of the spirit."

besides all this craziness, we had some really great experiences this week!

FAITHFUL TO YOUR FAITH: This week we taught the Restoration to Michelle and it was amazing! We were discussing about Joseph Smith and asked Michelle how she was feeling about everything. She said, "Joseph Smith was faithful to his faith, and I think I can learn from that. I always want to be faithful to my faith." Now Michelle is already facing a lot of persecution from family and friends for taking the discussions, but the example of Joseph Smith has been an inspiration to her. Each of us as members of the church are forever blessed because Joseph Smith was faithful to his faith! Let us all be faithful to our faith and stand up for what we know to be true. 

"And it came to pass" - Mom share a really nice article with me awhile back that talked about the words "and it came to pass". Over and over again the Book of Mormon says these words, it never says "and it came to STAY". A ton of our investigators are struggling with really hard challenges right now. Like REALLY hard. So I opened up the Book of Mormon and shared with them these 5 small words. Everything hard things in life will come eventually to pass. It won't last forever. However miserable we are or however terrible life may seem, the bad stuff with pass. It's only the good things in life that come to stay. The gospel, family, etc. will never go away and that's the best news EVER. So if YOU, whoever you are reading this, are struggling with something hard, take heart in the words of the Book of Mormon. It came to pass, not it came to stay. 

I love the gospel, I love teaching it, I love (trying my best) to live it! Have a good week, my friends!! 

Love, Sister Richards 

 a favorite primary child, carol. i mostly like her for her name. 

brother khumalo being hysterical as always

 no electricity means candlelight dinners of peanut butter sandwiches!!

 discussing the deeper points of onion growth

sup kwekwe

fall throughs? help someone plant their onions!

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