Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 57: I'm In

Hey Peeps!

Good news first, water and electricity ALL WEEK LONG. Best week one ever! We had a nice Easter, reflecting on the life of the Savior. He truly is the light and life of the world. He is the reason we can have hope! We had a nice week full of baptisms, miracles, and watching the people of Zimbabwe relax for the easter holiday. Keep reading for more details on the relaxation of the city of Kwekwe...

Here's an average conversation with an investigator to tell you about our week:
Missionaries: "So when is a time that we can came back and see you?"
Investigator: "Eish things are tight, probably next week Friday."
M: "Can we come sometime this week?"
I: "Sorry, it's easter"
M: "Oh are you going somewhere fun for easter?"
I: "no just staying home and relaxing."
M: "So we can't come and see you because you'll be home relaxing?"
I: "mmm yeah. It will have to be next week." 
Moral of the story: every single one of our investigators was home but many refused to see us because they were too busy relaxing. WHAT. Zimbabwe. Why you gotta be like that. 

DREAMS: So when investigators start to tell you they had a dream, RUN AWAY. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. RAISE THE WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER. Usually they'll tell you their old pastor came to them in a dream telling them they need to come back, or God has ordained them to be a prophet. Yeah, crazy stuff. Well David, one of my favorite people, has been praying for the past couple of weeks to ask God if he needs to be baptized again. This week he told us he had a dream. In my mind and I was like it's done. He's gone. BUT Sister Mpiyakhe and I were in his dream! We told him that he needs to be baptized again, but if he has any doubts, don't worry, his answer will come. Okay POWERFUL. So glad we're good missionaries in people's dreams haha. I do have faith that his answer will come, it might just take some time! 

ISHEANESU: Ishe is doing well as a recent convert, and gave his first talk in church on Sunday! This week as we were teaching him about the priesthood, Charlton was there to be our member present. As we were reading Doctrine and Covenants 121 with him, Ishe asks Charlton: "Charlton, have you ever used the priesthood to exercise unrighteous dominion over someone?" to which Charlton replied, "Uh, I usually get these kind of questions in the Bishop's office..but..okay" and dodged Ishe's question and brought the lesson back. It was so funny! Ishe's questions will never ever stop, no matter how long the man has been baptized. 

MICHELLE: So we got a referral from one of the young men this week and were excited to go and see her. Shawn, the young man, told us that he and Michelle had been friends for about three years, and he's been teaching her about the gospel the whole time. Michelle has had some negative experiences at other churches, so her parents have decided she is not allowed to attend any church. So going into the first lesson, we were a little bit nervous about how her parents would feel about us coming over. We spoke with the mother right when we got there, and she was completely supportive of us teaching Michelle! We did How to Begin Teaching and just got to know Michelle, and it was incredible. I could feel the spirit burning within my heart. I have met few people more prepared to hear the gospel than Michelle is. She has this yearning to know the truth and believes that she can find it in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but has been kept from the blessings of the truth until now. She accepted a baptismal date at the end, and we spoke with her mother who agreed to let us walk with Michelle to church on Sunday. When we walked into the church gates, Michelle stopped, looked at my companion and me and said, "I'm in. I'm really in." I am so grateful to be able to help assist one of Heavenly Father's choice daughters accept the restored gospel, because oh my goodness, He has prepared her!! 

"And I will give away all my sins to know thee" Alma 22:18. These chapters in Alma are some of the best chapters for us as missionaries to study, and I love it! I love this first prayer of the King, who wanted to know God so badly that he was willing to give away all his sins! Do we have that same willingness? Are we willing to give away all of our guilty pleasures and bad habits away so that we can know God? On mission, I've been able to work on some of my habits, and overcoming them truly has brought be closer to God and Jesus Christ. It's still a work in progress, but I know that as each of us identify ways we can improve and sacrifice to lets our old ways go, we will be able to know our Heavenly Father.

Have a great week, my friends! I love you all!

Love, Sister Richards 

At Echo Park, a game park in our area, to teach the youth at their youth camp!

They had a beautiful view! 

Baptism of Sister Sarah!

Macrage and Sarah


sweet sarah

my companion trying to be "american" and opening her mouth to smile hahahaha 

macragey crage

no better view that priesthood holders walking the streets of kwekwe!

my in the midst of playing doctor for my sick companion. yeah she's so sick as in cool, but one easter she was actually SICK as in ill. 

i got this cute dress for $2 on the street! 

easter sunday cooking! 

kwekwe! beautiful kwekwe! 

kwekwe! beautiful kwekwe! 

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