Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 56: Conference Miracles!

Hi Family!

Another crazy busy week here in Zimbabwe! Transfers came and went, and Sister Mpiyakhe and I will be staying another transfer together in Kwekwe! She takes the cake for my longest companion. AND my trainer goes home today! How did that happen?! You know going home is SCARY close when half of your companions are already home!

We had Mission Leadership Council this past week in Harare, and it was a great opportunity to learn from the other leaders in this mission! March was not a great month for us. We had a goal of over 300 baptisms in the mission but didn't even get to 200. But all of the Zone Leaders were really nice to each other about each other's results for the month (which is totally rare) because none of the zones reached their goals. We all kinda got a slice of humble pie. BUT we're going to kill it in April and teach repentance and baptize converts! 

We went on exchanges with two sisters in Highfields and had a great time! We trained on incorporating the sacrament into each lesson that we teach. We've seen in our teaching when investigators know they come to church because of the sacrament, everything else falls into place! It prepares them to make the covenant of baptism, and focus their lives on Jesus Christ. 

We saw miracles because of General Conference! One of our investigators, Elsje, has been coming to church for almost the whole time we've been in Kwekwe. THAT'S A LONG TIME. She has been super hesitant to take the lessons and dodges us all the time, but always comes to church. Well she came to General Conference, and afterwards we asked her if we could come and see her at her house. To our surprise, she said yes! We went and do you know what she said to us? "I think I need to be baptized." WHAT?! She shared with us that the words of Elder Joaquin E. Costa touched her heart, and after hearing his message, she knew that she needed to be baptized. I came away from that lesson filled with the spirit and know without a doubt that each message we heard was straight from our Heavenly Father.

BUT REALLY HOW AMAZING WAS CONFERENCE THOUGH. We had 11 investigators attend with us and it was so great. I was so touched by each of the messages, especially about Jesus Christ. While I was in high school I memorized The Living Christ, but have recently made a goal to rememorize it. I was astonished to hear how much it was emphasized in conference! I was so grateful that the spirit had guided me to set that goal, and invite each of you to do the same! It may seem daunting, but I do have a testimony that it will bring you closer to Jesus Christ. 

I am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that makes it possible for us to return to our Heavenly Father someday. How great is it to know that someday we can go home to Him?
 "The fact that our hearts yearn for something earth can't supply is proof that heaven must be our home"

Love, Sister Richards 

we have a large number of species of frogs in our house. who knows how. 

my companion and I playing "guess where this verse is in the book of mormon" while waiting for a less active to come out from the tree he was hiding behind to dodge us. i wanted to yell YOU'RE BIGGER THAN THE TREE WE CAN SEE YOU! we eventually gave up and left.

farewell dinner appointment with the sithole family. elder tsotesti is being transferred to bulawayo. 

our district

soooo yeah I'm not really sure what my companion is doing here hahaha. 

richiyakhe comin at ya live. 

so we were pulling in one night when we saw these two little kittens outside our house! we dumped our pamphlets out of a box and put the little kitties in it. we named them panashe and munashe. we had to let them out into the wild and it was a hard experience but they'll be okay. 

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