Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 10: Peace out RATS

Hello Family and Friends!

Interesting week for sure, so I'll try to remember everything that's happened.

We've all mostly recovered from the robbery, except for we keep realizing how much stuff they actually took. Like when I wanted to go running, I realized they took my nikes. Probably a sign from the heavens that I don't need to run for the rest of my mission! Hah just kidding, but really, so upset at these robbers.I liked those shoes.

We've been staying in Highlands this week at the transfer house, which has been a sheer joy *que sarcasm*. The transfer house is scary scary scary. It has rats. As in RATS. These are not the rats you think of in America. These are african rats. Like the size of cats. So pretty much you just try to go to sleep to the sound of rats in the ceiling. But tonight we're moving back to Chitungwiza, because they've finally fixed all the locks and the gate and everything in the house. So I'm so excited to leave those rats behind! I did see one in a lesson this week, and just about DIED. I saw it 6 or 7 times and oh my gosh, my heart was racing and I was just trying to get through that lessons FAST. Didn't help that these boys were jokers so they were asking so many random questions and I'm just like PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE BEFORE I DIE. But it's okay, I made it through.

We were supposed to have a couple more baptisms this week, but every single person decided to go out of town. How does that even happen? So we're crossing our fingers for this next week. We've really gotta step up our game, because last transfer we had a couple pairs of Elder who baptized 17 each. So we've got some serious work to do.

But the good news is, Brother Godfrey and his wife were married this week! We've been working with them so much because you can't get  baptized without being legally married, so we are so happy! He'll be baptized next week. The mama goes to a different church but we have faith in her still. Although, Brother Godfrey did show up late to his own wedding. Classic. That man is late for everything. We joke that he'll probably be late for his own funeral haha.

I'm just happy that we're going back to Chi Town tonight! I've missed the majesty of that house. I'll take every second I can get in there. In my personal study this week, I was in Mosiah, which I love. We're told that sometimes we are given trials so we can "stand as a testimony that the Lord doth visit his people in their afflictions". And how true that is! Many things have happened to me on mission so far that have strengthened me, and I can now stand as a witness that God does not forget us.

I hope everyone had a great week! Love you all!

Love Sister Richards

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