Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 9: First Bhabhatidzwa!

Family and Friends!

This week was somethin else. But we can start with the good stuff!

Yesterday, we had five baptisms! Brother Tau, Godwin, Welsh, Albert, and Wellington were all baptized and it was so, so happy. It's been incredible to see their journeys from the first day we met them until now. I have been amazed by the faith that each of them have in our Savior to completely turn their lives around.

The second counselor in the bishopric gave some remarks at the end of the baptismal service and said something that I really loved. He looked at each of these newly baptized people and said to them, "To you, my brethren, I say, 'Welcome Home'". Wow, that hit me! C.S. Lewis once said, "The fact that our hearts yearn for something earth can't supply is proof that heaven must be our home". The gospel provides that little bit of heaven here on earth to make us feel at home. Whether I'm in Utah, Ghana, or Zimbabwe, with the gospel, I am at home!

We're teaching a man named Brother Hudson right now, who is so incredibly prepared, but needs to work through a few difficulties before baptism. This week he said to us, "Sisters, ever since I have started meeting with you, something in my life has changed. Things are getting better. God is working wonders in my life."  The people of Zimbabwe are so in tune with the spirit, and God truly is working wonders in their lives.

Just to let you all know, our home was broken into this week during the night. The details of the incident are hard and quite painful, but the other three sisters and I are safe. I can say with complete confidence that angels were surrounding each of us, and that the Lord was keeping a close eye on us. We are so blessed to have been protected. We'll be staying in Highlands for awhile in the transfer house, and it has not yet been decided if we will return back to Chitungwiza.

I thank each of you for the prayers that you offer for the missionaries of this church each day. They are needed, and they are felt.

This week will forever be monumental as I witnessed my first baptism(s) on mission! I sure do love it.Unfortunately no pictures this week. The pesky thieves took my camera. They left my scriptures and that's all that matters!

Love, Sister Richards

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