Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 8: Promised Land Round Two

Family and Friends!

What a blessed and happy week in the promised land! Transfers were this week and I'm more than happy to be staying here in Chitungwiza with Sister Jili. This week was hot. And when I say hot I mean HOT. I pray for winter every day. 

But the heat was the least of my worries, because we had THIRTEEN investigators come to church this week! We've come to this point where we contact so many people every week, that someone new will come to church and we won't recognize them and we'll just think "oh shoot, I hope that's the Elder's investigator because I have noo idea who that is". Anways, we only had two surprise investigators that we didn't recognize who came to church, and one of the guy's name is Elvis. Nice guy, still have no recollection of every contacting him, but we're just thrilled he made it to church. Wish I could say he was wearing blue suede shoes, but he wasn't. 

We have twelve investigators on date for baptism right now, and I'm so happy! We've worked so hard with these people, and it warms my heart to see them entering the waters of baptism. We joke that the Chi Town Elders are going to get pneumonia because we're giving them so many people to baptize. 

We got a car this week! *angels singing in the background* We drove into the area in under 10 minutes and there were tears in my eyes. Not really, but close. Our area is so far away and so big, and this car is changing our lives. 2015 toyota corolla. We named her Snow White. That used to be my name in our Zone, but I'm not longer white. Mostly just red with a little bit of tan. So our car fits the name a little bit better now. 

I ate a lot of very, very interesting food this week of which I will spare you the details, but know that I am okay and still breathing. I'm going to make you all sadza when I get home so I can share the love.

"And they were all [missionaries], and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all - they were [missionaries] who were true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted"

Whatever your calling in life may be at this moment, Mom, Dad, sister, brother, teacher, student, anything, who can put yourself to this scripture. Although the the battle the strippling warriors faced was different from the battles we face today, we can strive to acquire these same attributes. They were valiant, courageous, strong, true, and trustworthy. Oh, how I love the Book of Mormon.

Mother's Day was probably the happiest day of my life, and I love you all so much! Thank you for the encouragement, and for putting a permanent smile on my face!

love, Sister Richards

sadzda and kovu. mm this stuff was actually really good

the clouds are prettier in africa. every time I say that to an african missionary they laugh but it's so true!

blurry but in our new car!!

sister jili calls these kids my "choir" Because they sing my name every time I walk down the street! "seesta leechahds! seesta leechahds!"

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