Monday, July 4, 2016


Family and Friends!

The weeks here in Mabvuku are flying! I can't believe we started week three today? So crazy! We had 11 investigators at church yesterday, and had a baptism on Saturday! Things here are going so well and I'm super super happy.

Other than my favorite pen dying, here's the most traumatic thing that happened to me this week.
*me peacefully eating dinner in the kitchen*
me: (whisper shouting at sister walbeck in the other room) sister walbeck, I think I'm staring at a rat
sister walbeck: you think?
me: it hasn't moved in a really long time
sister walbeck: well don't just stare at it, move!
me: (waits for about a minute) IT MOVED!
And then I proceeded to run around the house screaming. So pretty much I try to keep my eyes shut while I'm in the kitchen. Which is actually really hard to do while you're trying to cook. But I successfully went 48 hours without seeing the rat, but then saw it again yesterday, and the screaming commenced. The ZL's are bringing rat poison today. Hallelujah. Amen.

Anyways, on a happier note, we contacted over 200 people this week! We walked and walked and walked and found so many people. I'm super excited for this next week so we can go into these individuals homes and teach them! So great. 

Wellington, who I taught in Chi Town, blessed and passed the sacrament this week! I seriously almost cried when my old companion told me! Baptism is not the end result of teaching these people. Baptism is just the start of the many blessing that will come for the rest of their lives!

I also made it through my talk in Zone Conference on Wednesday, and it went super well! A couple people have asked for copies of it, so my hand is almost dead because I have to hand write it all over again haha. The Lord has truly promised us so many blessings if we go through tribulations with a cheerful heart. In D&C is teaches us if we endure our adversity well, someday "we will be crowned with much glory". 

I love missionary work, I love the gospel, and I love America!!! Someone drink a diet coke under the fireworks for me (miranda graves this is for you) 

Love, Sister Richards 

My companion hit 9 months this week so we had a feast! Her hat sums up her personality perfectly haha!

Americanized my planner. Happy Birthday, America!!!

I saw Sister Erickson when she came to pick up her new companion and it was probably the happiest moment of my life! We screamed and then gave eachother a big hug and everyone in the office started clapping. It was so funny!!

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